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content creation + editing


Maybe content creation/editing is taking up too much time in your business. Maybe you don't know exactly what your audience needs to hear from you and how exactly to say it. Maybe, just maybe, content just isn't your strong suit.

In high school + college, I was the girl that finished 4-6 page research papers in 2 hours whereas the rest of my classmates would procrastinate the assignment because it would take them too long to complete, they didn't know what to include in the paper, and/or content just wasn't something they enjoyed doing. 

Oh, how history repeats itself, right? 

Of course, I couldn't do their assignments for them because -- HELLO, plagiarism -- but we're not in college anymore! I CAN ACTUALLY HELP YOU! 

Allow me to take content creation + editing off your hands! 

Content Creation/Editing services include:

  • Blog posts 
  • Newsletters 
  • Web copy
  • Webinar/Workshop resources  
  • Sales page copy
  • E-book copy + resources 
  • E-course copy + resources 
  • Business Proposals



public relations


I've never needed a publicist.


Because I've always been amazing at making connections with people - especially when it came down to business relations. Gaining buzz around your business, landing life-changing opportunities, and nurturing business relationships are dire to an excelling entrepreneur. 

Check out a few of my features in print, online, and broadcast here.

You no longer have to worry about sending a successful pitch, making a connection with your audience, building business relationships, and creating a huge buzz around your business in the media. 

That's my job.

Let's say you want to be featured in a magazine or radio station in your area. Maybe you want to run an entire publicity campaign around a specific event or resource you have coming up. What if you are looking to land a life-changing business opportunity and you want to make sure the emails between you and the CEO makes your offer irresistible? 

I've got you covered.

Public relations services include:

  • Media relations (print/online/broadcast) 
  • Publicity strategies 
  • Influencer outreach
  • Email management
  • Brand ambassador management



branding + Design


Sure, branding is more than a logo and a website, but sometimes you just need to get the ball rolling! Many of my clients come to me starting from ground zero - no logo, website - nothing. By the end of our time together, they leave with a fully developed + designed website and/or logo to start making an impact on the online space! 

Needless to say, my website and logo were designed by me. 

Maybe you've got the website down, but would like to make product design + graphic design one less thing on your list. You have the content, but the next step of actually designing the product or marketing materials is a whole different beast. 

Don't worry, I'm your gal!

Confident Pitch Webinar #2.png
Narrow Your Niche Mockup2.png

Branding services include:

  • Squarespace web development 
  • Squarespace web design 
  • Graphic design
  • Product design (or re-design)
  • Product mockups





You've got a business to run. Who has time for tedious tasks like setting up social media accounts across the board, making sure your website shows up high in search engines, and that your blog posts are properly tagged?! 

I DO! 

You are my business and making sure your business is running on autopilot in the search engines is my jam. You can get back to all the fun stuff in your business, because SEO is MY fun stuff!

SEO services include:

  • Social media set up 
  • Social media optimization 
  • SEO research (key words, key terms, target audience, demographics, etc.)
  • Website optimization 
  • Blog optimization