5 Things You Should Be Posting on Social Media for Your Business


One of the hardest things about social media for most bloggers isn't creating an awesome bio or actually being social - it's figuring out what to post.

Do I post what I'm doing today? Do I post my new blog post? Do I post my new kitty? Do I post about my course? Sometimes you get so overwhelmed by all of these questions that you just don't post at all. Sound familiar?

Here's 5 things that you need to be posting on social media to get your audience engaged, interested, and informed!


1. Content promotion

 Self-promotion is one of the best forms of promotion. You need to be able to sell YOU better than anyone and anything. Any new content your create is one of the most important things your audience needs to see.

Just finished a new course? Let your peeps on social media know! Just finished a pretty darn awesome blog post? Tell your social media crew what it's all about! They will definitely want to jump into it!


2. Behind-the-scenes

Who doesn't love to get some behind-the-scenes action? Not only does it make your audience feel exclusive, but it also gives them a chance to get to know you on a personal level.

Whether you're sharing a photo of your workspace on Instagram or your thoughts on a new project you're thinking about creating on Twitter, you want to give your audience an incentive to want to come back for more exclusive info via your social media!


3. Interactive content

Whaaaaattt? Well, it's called social media. Yes, you should be being social, but you also need to be the one pulling in your audience to be social with you.

By interactive content, I mean give your audience something to think about. Ask them a question at the end of your post that makes them want to engage and give their opinions and thoughts.


4. Mini blog posts

Content, content, content. Your audience loves valuable content. You don't always have to keep it short and sweet when posting on social media. Sometimes your audience loves a good meaty caption on Instagram or a slight rant on Twitter.

Use content that is too small for an entire blog post, but still super valuable and offer it to your social media followers! A lot of people honestly don't like to go through the trouble of clicking a link in your bio (or tweet) to get the value. Having a little mini blog post of content gives them an incentive to do so.


5. Events/Deals/Giveaways

Hosting or attending an event that you'd like your audience to come out to? Having an awesome sale on one of your courses? Giving away a free coaching session? Let your followers know!

Everyone loves to be notified about things like this! It helps them get excited, see who else is participating, and get a chance to participate themselves! Although it isn't necessarily content, it definitely falls under the self-promotion category!


What are you currently sharing with your peeps on social media these days?