3 Ways to Make Your Content More Profitable

You don't want to go through all the trouble of creating content just to have it sit on your site and collect dust. People aren't just throwing money around. When it comes to the consumer decision process, people start evaluate your content with certain criteria before actually purchasing.  

Here are three ways to start making your content 10x's more profitable!

Educating your potential customer

Although your reader may be interested in your product or service, a lot of the time they don't actually buy it because they aren't very educated in the benefit of what you're offering.

So, is your product or service educating the reader on the importance of the issue you're discussing. You want to educate them on why this issue is even something they should find extremely important.

Offer your content professionally

Professionalism builds trust.

For someone to actually hand over their money to you, they have to trust you. Believe it or not, people instantly put their trust in people or things that give off a professional vibe. Your content has to possess professionalism from your graphics, to the copy you use when you promote it, to the actual content you list on your sales page. 

Are your graphics clear and visually appealing? Do your links work? Is your content useful, organized and straight to the point? Is your product easy to find? Do you have photos of yourself so they can see who they're buying from? Are those photos professional? Are you showing off your expertise in your free content?

These are a few of the things that can make or break the professional trust a potential customer has in you and your product or service.

Offer something your audience needs

People can't deny what they need.

If what you offer gives your audience value and is of specific necessity in their life, they can't help but engage in it. Whether it be what they need to know, what they need to learn, or what they need done. Those cute graphics and witty copy won't get you far if your products or services don't have value.

The number one question anyone wants to know (especially if it involves them handing over money) is "What's in it for me?" "How does it benefit me?"

It is your job as a creator to thoroughly answer that question.

You can easily create a valuable product or service that you're knowledgeable about, but that your audience has no need for. Will they see it as valuable? Probably not. Will they buy it? Absolutely not.

For example, if your audience is made up of girls who love fashion inspiration, but you know a lot about hair. Sure, you could write a post on hair filled with tons of good, useful hair tips, but that's not what your audience comes to your blog for. They come to you for fashion inspiration because that's what they need.

If you're looking to blog full-time, you need to be a resource to your audience. Your content (both free and paid) need to be something that is extremely useful and of some kind of necessity or importance to your audience. That is the kind of content that generates an audience and drives in readers who convert into potential clients.

How do you make your content more profitable?