How to Write a Quality About Page

Your audience doesn't want to know about your new puppy or your adorable hubby in your about page. Although these things make you more personable, it's not the core information of what your audience needs to know in order to trust you and spend money with your business. 

Here's how to craft a quality About Page that turns readers into customers!

What your business can do for them

This is the number one thing that everyone wants to know before they invest their time, money, and/or energy into something.

“What’s in it for me?”

Your audience wants to know how your business benefits them. What problem does it offer a solution to? What issues does it address? What frustration does it ease? How does your business offer useful information to your audience?

You need to be clear with your reader about the exact purpose of your business. Of course, to be clear with them, you have to first be clear with yourself .

In 30 seconds or less, you should be able to tell someone what your business is all about. If it takes you longer than that, you aren’t being clear about what your business offers. Therefore, you aren’t being clear with your reader about what they should take away after leaving your site.

Your qualifications

When you buy a product from someone, you want to be sure that they are legitimate at what they do, right? You want to be sure that by indulging in their services or products, you are making a good decision about where you're spending your time, money, etc. Your readers are the same way.

They want to know why they should trust you. What makes you an expert in your field? Why is your (insert service/product here) valid?

When creating an “About” section, your audience doesn’t just want to know about your business, they want to know about the person behind the business as well. People do not want to wait around reading about how you love dogs, have a husband, three kids, and take long walks on your off days. They want to get right to the point.

HOW do you know what you're attempting to teach?

Your then and now

For example, if you’re a business coach, share your story about how you built your business up to where it is now. What did it look like before? Share an embarrassing moment or two. What were some of the biggest lessons you had to learn on your journey?

Your audience is typically who you were before your business got to where it is now.

People don’t come to your business just to have a chat about both of you being in the same struggle. They come to you because you have struggled with the same things that they have and overcame it, so they want to learn from you about how to do the same.

It’s important to share a before and after story with your readers. Not only does it build a genuine trust, but it also shows that you’re not perfect. They want a story that they can relate to, which, in turn, helps them to connect with what you have to offer.

What methods do you use to create a quality about page?