How to Strategically Place Headshots on Your Website

You've got all your beautiful headshots in from your photographer, ready to put them on your website, but you don't know which photos go where. When placing photos of yourself on your website, you want to be very strategic. This isn't just a way for your audience to see what you look like. Your photos will set a certain mood about you and your content from the photos your audience sees throughout your site. 

Here's how to place the right photos in the right places! 


This is the first photo your audience will see of you. It's the first impression of you and your business. You want to make sure that your audience feels welcomed, but can still take you seriously. 

Your headshots should be: 

1. Face-forward

Sure, those "off guard," laughing at something in the distance photos are super cute, but they don't make someone feel welcomed when they reach your site. It may sound a bit creepy, but a face-forward photo makes your audience feel acknowledged. 

2. Smile

I'm an introvert and I hate taking photos. When in a photoshoot, I'm usually too nervous to smile, but I try to get at least 2-3 smiling photos to use on my site specifically for this sort of placement. Even if you're self-conscious about your smile, your audience doesn't care! They want you for YOU and they love you for YOU. 

I once spoke to a fellow creative about getting on video and my nervousness of how I look and she said something along the lines of: "Girl, at the end of the day my audience supports me and the value I offer, they don't care how I look." And this couldn't be anymore true! We have to realize that our business is not about how we look physically, it's about the value we bring! 

Monetizing pages

For any "Work With Me" or products page where people are on the brink of spending money with you, use a photo that shows you working. It gives them the impression that you're serious about what you do and dedicate numerous amount of hours to it. 

It's sort of equivalent to when you walk into a business and see the staff on their phones or just standing around chatting. You want to see the people you're about to spend money with working. Whether it's helping you or helping another customer, you want to see them in action. It shows that they're serious and builds a more trusting first impression. 

Contact page

For your contact page, use another welcoming photo. Use something that makes you look approachable and easy to talk to. Although we send tons of emails all day, everyday, it can get pretty intimidating for our audience. Your audience needs to feel comfortable with you as a person to reach out and start the conversation! 

Choose a photo that makes your audience feel comfortable with speaking their mind and doesn't make them break out into a cold sweat to press send. Welcome them into your inbox with a smile and a genuine photo. 

What kind of headshots do you like to put on your website?