How to Stand Out in the Blogging World

What are the qualities that make influential bloggers stand out from the rest?

Blogging isn’t JUST about the blog, it’s about the person.
It’s more then just the content they write, it’s the personality behind it.

For example:

  • ByRegina: If you haven’t heard of her…….you need to. She’s not only motivating & inspiring, but she’s an infopreneur rockstar.
  • The Nectar Collective: All about tips/tricks/hints. Their content is not only awesome, but it keeps you coming back for more.
  • Leonie Dawson: She’s a new blogger that I’ve started scoping out (thanks to a recommendation on a Facebook group) but just her “about” paragraph on her home page let’s me know how awesome she is.
  • The Branded Solopreneur: My favorite aspect about her…..she’s real. She ties in her sassiness with her content. It makes her information more relatable.

So, how do you rock your own blog like they rock theirs?!

#1 Be Supportive:

It’s human nature, we all love support. Blogging can be stressful & overwhelming, especially in the beginning. There’s no direct route to success so being supportive of other bloggers is super important.

A little comment here, a little retweet there…..can go a long way.

Other bloggers in your niche aren’t your competitors….they’re your support system. Have a question? Most of them will help.

Bloggers have made their own online community.

I mean think about it, how great does it feel when someone comments on your blog post. Or shares it. Or favorites it. You spend a decent amount of time writing, editing, making graphics and publishing it, it feels great when people support you… do the same for them! A little encouragement from a fellow blogger can have a bigger impact then you realize.

The most influential bloggers remember what it’s like to just start from scratch, and that’s why most of them emphasize on being supportive…especially when it comes to Pinterest group boards & Facebook Groups. Many of them specify to not only share your content, but others’ as well. Share the love people!

I’ve also realized that non-bloggers, don’t understand bloggers. It’s like a complete miscommunication somewhere? I get all excited when I post a new article, and my friends….that try to support me….still just don’t really…..get it. It can be frustrating. BUT if you’re taking part in the blogging community, fellow bloggers tend to totally understand how awesome “small” goals might be.


So, Remember:

Being supportive can not only help other bloggers, but it can help you too!

Fellow bloggers can share your stuff to their audience (that’s already twice the exposure) & they can offer advice if you’re stuck on a problem.

Blogging, especially when starting out, is about supporting the community. Don’t just shove your content down people’s throats…..that’s like cold calling people and expecting them to buy whatever your selling…..just because you say so. Become involved, become supportive, become a resource and your content will sell itself. You get out of it, what you put into it!

#2 Be social:

Influential bloggers are social, in one way or another.

It’s not about gushing your stuff all over social media, they go beyond that.
Besides the typical Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, here’s a few other ways to interact with your people:

  • Comments – Engaging with your readers is huge! It can also lead to constructive feedback. You find out what people think is useful & what isn’t. It helps you to give the people what they waaaaannnntttt.Comments ultimately show…..that you give a shit. I wouldn’t waste my time commenting on someones blog if I thought they took all of the thoughtful feedback for granted. Getting ignored doesn’t feel too hot. When people comment back on their blogs, or even on other people’s blog, they’re being supportive, interested, and appreciative. And they not only took the time out to read your blog post…..but they loved it so much that they couldn’t hold in their excitement anymore & absolutely had to comment! THAT is an awesome feeling.

    They can also encourage conversation. People can ask questions or answer questions, which in turn might even give you a new blog post idea….*Bonus*

  • E-mails – These are more personal then blog posts. Whether you set up auto generated e-mails or send out person specific ones…..when someone let’s you have their e-mail address, it usually means that they want to hear from you or reach out to you. They like what you have to offer. They’re pickin’ up what you’re puttin’ down. So take advantage of that!
  • Facebook Groups/Pinterest Group Boards – JUMP ON THESE! Go beyond the typical “social media account” and get active in groups. A lot of times in Facebook Groups, they’ll have threads that allow you to promote your stuff….which is awesome….and other people are promoting their content, so it gives you a chance to be supportive!

(Side Note: Being social does not mean asking people for likes & follows. I would rather have 3 loyal & engaged readers, then 300 that I had to bargain with just to toss me a “like” for a higher-numbers sake. Quality over quantity

#3 Be helpful:

In order for people to want to read your blog, you have to be helpful. In. Some. Way. What way? Well, that’s up to you. You have to hit an emotion with them. You have to inspire them, teach them, entertain them, help them, or engage them. Keep them on their toes. Give them a reason to keep em’ coming back for more.

The most influential bloggers have nailed this one on the head. Their the ones I go back to when I’m feeling stuck about my blog/business. They inspire me, help me, and absolutely entertain me. I like learning things. Those are the types of blogs I’m pulled too. (I put links to my fav bloggers at the top of this post!)


So, how do you do this?

Content. Content. Content. Consistency. & then more content.
Information. That’s how you become helpful.
This is why you have to be clear about who your target audience is, so you can figure out how to help them or inspire them. The clearer you are about WHO you’re writing for, the easier it will be to be helpful!

Wanna know how else you can help? Ask.
Ask your readers & fellow bloggers.
Read comments on other blogs in your niche.
See what their questions are about!
That’s why being social & supportive are so important!

What if you’re so new to blogging that you don’t have comments on your blog posts yet?


Well, get involved!

I’ve mentioned Facebook Groups & Pinterest Group Boards a few times in this post……and that’s because they are REALLY that helpful. Join boards regarding your niche & help the fellow members! Comment on their discussions, read their articles & re-pin their Pinterest pins. You can be helpful without writing content. Sharing & engaging is helpful too!

#4 Be confident:

Whatever your blog is about. Own it.

Own it. Love it. Live it. Express it.

When you second guess yourself, it comes across in your writing & it doesn’t make your blog post very enjoyable to read. It’s like accidentally joining a pity party that you didn’t realize you were invited too.

Influential bloggers all show off their own personalities. They’re comfortable in their own skin. They own their thoughts & opinions and they WANT to help. THAT’s what makes them all so magnetic.

Everyone starts somewhere, and we’ve all started being new at some point. You learn as you go & and you grow as you learn. But hey, why don’t you learn from other people along the way….


Fake it til’ you make it.

If you’re passionate about what you’re writing, your readers will be able to tell. Have confidence in your writing. Don’t think you have to write like a robot either…..that’s not enjoyable. Toss in your personality. That’s usually my favorite part of other people’s blogs. (Sometimes I even “lol” at comments other bloggers make in their own writing)

Life wasn’t meant to be so serious, have fun with blogging. The less pressure you put on yourself, the easier it will be to be confident.


In a nutshell…..

Network with people, it can open so many doors to amazing opportunities.

Being active, supportive, social & helpful in the blogging community are so important. Don’t start blogging just to make money… because you care about what you’re writing. Blog because you WANT to be helpful. Blog because you WANT to inspire others. At the end of the day, the numbers of followers & likes…..are just numbers. What really counts is the feeling you get when you realized how many people you’ve helped and inspired.

If you care about what you write & how you write it……your content will speak for itself & these 4 qualities will be the icing on the cake.


But most importantly, it takes time.

Standing out in the crowd won’t happen overnight. It takes time & patience. (Patience is something I TOTALLY don’t have) But, it’s a marathon, not a sprint. So as long as you find the enjoyment in the process, you’ll do just fine!

About the guest blogger

Mariah is a freelance web designer/developer who specializes in WordPress. She used to focus on the fine arts, like drawing & painting…..until she fell in love with the digital world of designing & coding. She blogs over at where her topics are geared towards helping bloggers & small business owners understand the internet a little better….one post at a time.