How to Use Social Media Professionally to Gain More Followers


When you step over from personal account to business account on social media, people start to expect a lot more out of you and your account. There are certain professional characteristics that help them make the decision of either following you or scrolling right past your account. 

Here's five ways to spruce up your social media to gain more followers:

Explain your account's purpose

Your bio is one of the first things a person sees. It's where people go to learn what you are all about. You want to make sure you have what you and your site is all about in your bio section.

This helps you to attract LESS of people who follow you just because they think you're pretty or that the name of your blog is cool and MORE of people who are genuinely interested in what your blog is about. 

Those are the people who you want to turn into readers, subscribers, and customers. They are the ones who refer your account to others, retweet and repost your content, etc. 

Talk like a real person

A lot of people often connect "professionalism" with:

  • Boring
  • Strict
  • No personality

That's not the case at all.

Actually, personality and upbeat spirits are what actually get the follower. People want to follow people who they can connect with and want to get to know more. 

Don't be afraid to show a little personality in your caption on Instagram or your tweets on Twitter! Yes, people are following your blog to get access to all your info, but there is an actual person behind the blog and people love to be reminded of that. It makes things feel so much more authentic!

Be helpful, not spammy

If you see that a person is asking for help, give your insight or your expert opinion. What you DON'T want to do is try to:

  • Sell your services
  • Sell your products
  • Pressure people into reading your blog
  • Force people into signing up for your email list

Not only is this annoying for the person you're giving advice to, but it's also downright unprofessional. Especially if you are doing it right on another blogger's post or tweet. 

If a person is having trouble with something, they post it on social media to have people offer them solutions, not try to get their email, page views, or money.

"Reading my blog and signing up for my email list is free. People shouldn't feel pressured if they aren't required to pay anything."

You're wrong.

Again, people enjoy authenticity. They like to naturally find their way to your blog, find their way to your social media account, and make the decision of whether they want to follow you or not without feeling like it's an obligation. 

Post for your audience, not for yourself

There are two type of people who post for themselves. 

The person that shares more details about their everyday life than actual helpful information on the topic their blog is about.

Although your audience may think your new puppy is adorable, that's not what they're there for. If a person lands on your social media account looking for website design and all they see is photos of Starbucks coffee, pets, and food, they most likely won't follow you. 

Of course, you want to be authentic and share a few insights about your life, but don't forget what your business account is really about. 

The person that posts business stuff, but they post about things that THEY are interested in, not necessarily what their audience is having trouble with at the time.

It is your responsibility as a blogger to see what your audience is having the most trouble with and post about that.

For example, if you see that most people are having trouble with email marketing, don't post about how to set up a Squarespace website in 24 hours just because that's what you are most interested in at the time.

People follow bloggers, businesses or brands on social media when they answer the questions they have been dying to ask or offer solutions to problems that they often struggle with. 

Keep it consistent

People love consistency. It leaves the mystery out of their decision. If they see consistent colors, imagery, topics etc. that they love, they don't mind having it on their news feed. Therefore, they don't mind following you.  


How do you use social media to gain followers?