How to Network Online as a Creative

When it comes to networking as a creative, it's not always as easy as people say. It takes dedication to constantly put yourself in front of a new audience and in front of new potential business partners. 

Here are four ways to network online as a creative entrepreneur: 


Whether it's an Instagram post that caught your eye, a tweet you found interesting, or an article you really enjoyed, be sure to tell other bloggers when you enjoy something they've said or posted. This is one of the easiest ways to network.

People are more willing to hear you out when it comes to collaboration, partnerships or any other kinds of business endeavors when they have seen consistent support from your end. Not only that, but bloggers will sometimes counteract by sending you support right back! There's power in relationships when networking online as a creative. 

Reach out

Sending an email to a blogger just to say how much you enjoyed something they've created is one of the BEST ways to network. Even a simple, "Hi ______! I just wanted to say that I enjoyed your recent blog post about ________. I think you made a great point about _________. The post was just overall awesome! I will definitely be sharing this post with family and friends!" will do.

You never know what can happen when two passionate creatives get to talking! One thing that really gives you more leeway with a person you look forward to doing business with is if you guys "click" so well that you can talk about so many other things other Ironic, right? Nothing makes a webinar or a twitter chat go smoother than doing it with someone that you genuinely get along well with.  

Guest blog

Now, we all know that one of the best ways to network and self-advertise at the same time is to guest blog. It builds relationships, gets your brand exposed to potential readers, and increases your audience. 

Join the party!

If your favorite blogger is having a free e-course or webinar, be sure to sign up! If she's doing a scope on Periscope or a twitter chat, be sure to chime in! If you're not able to join, don't be afraid to send a quick email saying something like "Sadly, I wasn't able to catch your ________. I'm sure it was awesome! I will definitely be catching the next one!" 

How do you network online as a creative?