How to Make a Connection With Your Audience

Your audience is one of the most important people to your business. These are the people who turn into loyal readers, customers, and clients. Successfully connecting with them is crucial to growing your readership, subscribers, and income. 

Here's how to make that genuine, trust-worthy relationship with your audience:

Address them by name

People love to feel like they're not just another comment to you - as if your eyes just glaze over the fact that they are a real person. This is a part of becoming personal with your audience. They should feel like you care about who they are and what they have to say.

Also, addressing them by name gets their attention and increases their interest in you. There aren't a lot of businesses who address a person by their name when asked a question or leave them a sweet comment. Actually clicking on their profile and taking the time to find out their name really helps you to stand out.

Follow up

Of course, you can't follow up with every single person who writes a comment and quite frankly, it's not necessary to do this with every single person.

Following up is for the people who comment with very specific questions or concerns. These are the people who say, "I always seem to have trouble with this. I'll try out your method," or "Implementing what I've learned right now."

It's really a game changer when you don't leave the conversation just open-ended. Marking it on your calendar to send a person a quick email in the next few days asking them how if they are still having problems with something or how they are enjoying your product, takes 2 minutes tops. 

If you have a little bit of time at that exact moment, you could use Boomerang for Gmail and schedule the short and sweet email right then and there to be sent out at a later date.

Be inquisitive

If someone comments and says, "I loved this post!" try asking them questions, such as:

  • why they liked the post
  • what were their biggest takeaways
  • what would have made the post better

Any blogger can send a quick thank you, but it truly makes a difference in the way your audience sees you when you take time out of your busy day to listen to their feedback.

This isn't something you need to do with every single person, but it's truly the thought that counts. Use your own judgment on when to implement this method.

Respond in a timely manner

The readers who take the time to leave a genuine, well-thought out comment, truly deserve the sparing of about 15-30 seconds to respond with a genuine reply.

Responding two days after a person has left a genuine comment just doesn't feel genuine. It feels like you either forgot about them or didn't consider them priority. By the end of the day or the next morning is a good time frame to reply back.

Overall, connecting with your audience is about making them feel like they have some sort of priority in your schedule, you care about who they are, and you care about what they think.

How do you connect with your audience?