How to Find Your Voice in Your Business

When you start a business you have all the normal dreams of anyone starting a business. You want to be different, stand out, make a mark on the world. But when you step onto the business scene it’s easy to get sidetracked by what everyone else is doing rather than making your own business unique. 

So how do you stand out and embrace your own voice in business? Well, I can tell you this, following trends is not the answer. Following trends is just imitating people who have been successful with their idea. The truth is you are never you’re best when you’re imitating someone. You are your best when you are 100% you. There’s only one of you out there, after-all.

I have three topics I would like to touch on that can not only help you present yourself authentically, but also they can help you stand out from the those in your industry.


Your writing style shows a lot of personality. Your personality is a huge factor when people decide to hire you or buy from you. Say, if you’re a graphic designer, there are hundreds of graphic designers out there, but what makes someone want to work with you is how you come across, your communication style and personality. Your writing style shows that off. Using profanity, using professional talk, or using a more intellectual vocabulary - it all comes from your personality.

A little test to writing with your personality is to read something you’ve written, such as your about page. Does it sound like you? Is that how you would say that? Doing a little self check-up once in a while to make sure your writing style aligns with your personality is always good.


The colors of your brand for your business really do affect how people react to you. There are numerous studies on how color affects a business that’s why Capital Federal uses blue and McDonald’s uses red and yellow. Each color means something and the colors you use in your business and marketing are saying things about you that you may not even know about.

So here’s a quick rundown:
Red = bold, passionate, invokes hunger
Orange = original, youthful, feels unique
Yellow = whimsical, happy, feels carefree
Green = fresh, environmental, feels tranquil
Blue = loyal, calming, invokes trust
Violet = royal, intense, feels imaginative
White = pure, simple, feels clean
Black = classic, secure, feels sophisticated

Color psychology tip: use colors in your business that you want your audience to feel. Color can be used thoughtfully in your blog post graphics, your Facebook cover or Instagram feed. Use colors that represent you and your business well.


The two previous topics we’ve covered are important copy and color, but this one is the key. 

Having confidence in what you’re offering is everything in business. 

If you know you have something truly wonderful and original and something people can benefit from, you will be selling without even trying. For instance if you see a movie that moves you and you think it’s incredible, you’re going to tell all your friends. Same with your business.

When you know you have something worth offering that can help someone, you will not only be pitching on accident but you will continue to sell even when no one buys from you. When you are confident you have an incredible product, giving up is not something you will consider.

What if you’re confident in what you have to offer but you have no experience with clients or selling... have you heard the phrase, fake it til you make it? This phrase holds so true in business. You want to present yourself like you know what you’re doing because how will someone else trust you when you don’t even trust yourself? Being confident is another way of saying believing in yourself. Believe in yourself, believe in your offering and believe that you won’t starve.

How to cultivate confidence to make sales. 

Several ways to cultivate confidence is positive self-talk. As silly as it sounds, it’s so true. Don’t talk down to yourself right before a meeting or a client conversation. Talk yourself up by saying, I am going to handle this conversation with grace, with complete confidence that I understand this process and I will explain it to them concisely and effectively. 

This leads me to my other point: Envision success. If you’re going into a meeting, picture it in your mind that it will go great and that you’ll book the client. If you’re going into any type of performance type situation always envision the best possible outcome and treat the situation as such. This brings out the positive, relaxed and confident person inside you and you will nail the interview or book the client. Every time. 

Present yourself as an authority. 

Presenting yourself as an authority is just another way of saying you’re being a leader. Being a leader involves putting others needs before your own, being helpful, being humble and being grounded. Leadership traits, such as: confidence, establishing trust, ability to admit mistakes, taking responsibility and doing the right thing for your business are the foundation of good business and people wanting to work with you.

A very important thing to note is that being a leader takes time. Your audience needs to trust you and trust develops with time. Simple ways to establish trust is to answer questions personally, guiding people with sound advice and sharing your knowledge with your tribe. This can be done through blogging, answering emails, in forums, or Facebook groups.

Making your business stand out is hard work and takes risk, but if you implement these three things, working on your copy to make it sound genuine and real, using color with understanding and purpose, and emulate confidence to present yourself as an authority, you will see a difference in your business and in your own capabilities.

Guest Post Credits: RuthAnn Rafiq of R Artspace

Hello! I am the owner of R Artspace where I create artistic branding for creatives and boss ladies. I also have a blog where I touch on business topics as well as joyfully living the creative life. I love connecting with people and using my artwork to enhance businesses with beauty and creativity.
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