4 Steps to Choosing the Perfect Client

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1. Money

 Do NOT let money be a deciding factor when choosing a client. Sure, you need to earn a living but at what cost? Some clients can be difficult, disrespectful, and just hard to work with. Believe it or not, some of these clients actually know that-which is why they may be quick to throw extra money your way. Ultimately, if it will cost you more of your time and energy than average for most of your clients, it might not be the best option for you to take them on as a client.

2. Word of Mouth

We all love referrals. You might have one client who is just the best thing on the planet, I mean a real gem. And perhaps they have a bestie who needs some of your killer services- because I know you’re great at what you do! There is a chance that your client only knows her friend personally, but not professionally. They’re probably totally unaware of how discourteous and disorganized their friend is. But of course, they have good intentions and only want the best for them, which is you. However, this new potential client is short on goals and perspective and basically wants you to not market their business, but tell them what their business is, or even run their business for them! If this is the case, this is a sure sign that this is not an ideal client for you.

3. Experience

Let’s say you’re fresh out of school or maybe making a career change. You soon realize few things are more valuable than actual experience. You may be willing to work for free- and that’s one thing that’s not so bad and it’s even understandable. But what isn’t the best idea is taking work from just about anyone- this point kind of ties into the whole word of mouth client. Real experience doesn’t have to mean client work. You can pick a brand or a company you love and write mock ups for them. Practice your press releases, copywriting, graphic design skills, etc. The more you do it the better you’ll get, all while creating a portfolio of your work as you go!

4. Inspiration, or a lack thereof

If you don’t believe in this potential client or their brand, then you don’t need to take them on. The right client will give a spark of inspiration constantly throughout the creation process. If you feel that this potential client just won’t click with the way you create, do not ignore that, it could save you some trouble in the long haul!

Extra tip: Don’t forget your own client! Do your best work and pull out the best game plan for you!

Essie King