3 Ways Google and Amazon Ads are Stealing Money from Your Business

Maybe this is you: You've started your business, check. Website and social media set up, check. "But, I need to start making money now," you say to yourself. Then you instantly go to ads because they're easy to set up and if all a person has to do is click the ad, it sounds promising, right? 

Maybe this is you: "How are people monetizing these online businesses?" 

In other words, you either:

  • Are in a rush to make money from your business 
  • Have never heard of bloggers monetizing any other way 
  • Are unclear as to how products and services would be incorporated into your business

Well, no matter what the case may be, ads on your website are actually harming your business as opposed to helping it. Especially if you have just gotten started and don't have that loyal following just yet, you are definitely leaving money on the table.

Here's how:

1. Distracting people from reading your content 

Even if you have your ads tucked away in a sidebar or packaged all nice and tight at the header of your website, it still distracts people from reading your content. Isn't content the whole reason we are content creators? You put a ton of effort into your content! You want people to read it, engage in it, share it, and so on. They can't do that if they are distracted by the flashing Google or Amazon ad in the corner of their eye.

Depending on where you have your ad placed, some people will never make it to your blog, freebie, or your "work with me" page due to their urge to start shopping via the ads that you provided them with on your site. Even the ones who do make it to your content, will either stop what they're doing and start shopping or continue to have that new item they'd like to purchase in the back of their heads. 

2. Taking people away from your site

Just think about it, if a person is on your site and sees a shiny, new object that they absolutely must have right at that moment, what will they do? Click the ad, right? Well, once they've clicked out of your site, they most likely won't be returning for quite a while. They are immediately taken to whatever it is they planned on buying as well as tons of other items they can shop for. In other words, they're engaging in the content of that new website - instead of yours. 

That means they won't be:

  • Signing up for your freebie 
  • Buying your products
  • Booking you for services 

Instead, they'll be spending their money elsewhere.

3. It's just not worth the Return of Investment

The ROI of each and everything you spend time or money on in your business is extremely important. What ROI means is how much of an investment you get BACK from what you put IN. So, let's just dissect this for a moment shall, we? 

Let's say you have a Google or Amazon ad on your site and someone clicks it. Depending on the product pricing and the number of products this person buys, they will end up spending on an average of $20-$50. How much money do you receive in return for that clicked ad?

Well, the average per-click payment is about $0.25. So you'd have to get at least 80 people to click that one ad, before you even reach your minimum average of $20. You'd need 200 people to click the ad before you can reach the average maximum of $50. 

Now let's think about this without the ads. 

Let's say you have a pretty awesome e-book selling for $17. You only need to sell ONE to make $20 and only need to sell THREE to make $50. So, even if you do have 80 people ready to click the link to an ad, doesn't $1,360 (if 80 people bought your e-book) sound MUCH better than $20 (if 80 people clicked your Google or Amazon ad?