5 Exclusive Things to Send to Your Email List


There are two reasons why your audience becomes a subscriber.  

1. Value

2. Exclusivity  

People love value. That's something we all know by now. They love solutions to their problems.

BUT what your audience also loves is to feel like they're getting something other people aren't, finding out things other people don't know, etc.  

Here's 5 exclusive things to send to your email list!


Of course you want to give away deals and discounts to your general audience, but your subscribers are the ones who trust and love you enough to give you their email address. They're the ones who give you the opportunity to be in their inboxes.

Every now and then, give a deal or discount that is exclusively only offered to them.  

In-depth personal stories  

You are your brand. Yes, people come for the value, but when you allow yourself to be transparent with your audience, they begin to build a genuine connection with you. 

Getting to know the person behind the computer is something people don't take for granted. You could definitely ONLY share business-related content and have your audience never even know your name OR you could begin to build a personal, exclusive relationship with them. 


This may not seem like a big deal, but it is for your subscribers. As people, we are constantly on-the-go and signing up for things left and right. 

Yes, they may be super excited for your webinar they signed up for three days ago, but let's be honest, some of us can't remember what we had for breakfast yesterday morning.  

Sending reminders to your subscribers about something they definitely may have forgotten about makes them really appreciate being on your email list. 

Just think about it. You're at work, super excited about a Twitter chat, but completely forgot about it in the midst of working. You get an email about the twitter chat starting in 10 minutes. Don't you feel extremely glad to be on this person's email list?  

Extended Blog Posts

People love value! (Say it again for the people in the nosebleeds) What do they love more than value? EXCLUSIVE value!  

If a blog post starts to get super lengthy, stop it at a certain point and do your subscribers a favor by sending them the rest. They will not only thank you for the value, but also feel super special. 


Who doesn't love freebies? Free sounds a lot better when you're the only one getting them, too. *Hair flip*  

This can be a little "just because" freebie, free access to something you'll be eventually selling, or something that will eventually be free to the rest of the audience. This makes your audience feel super appreciated! 

What do you send to your email list to make them feel exclusive?