3 Reasons Canva is Necessary for Design


Three Reasons You Need Canva in Your Life


As a content creator, whether for your own business or your clients, it can be tricky to come up with some pretty cool content. Especially visual pleasing content! If you’re looking for something that can deliver the results you want while also giving you a little inspiration at the same time, Canva is for you.

1) It’s User Friendly

This is the perfect tool for you guys who are just getting started and need something that’s easy to play around with to teach yourself. It provides you with tons of free images, icons, backgrounds and layouts to use.  You also have the option to get started right away with a new project and just edit it as you see fit. But for some more guidance, Canva also offers loads of educational tutorials on how to create a brand, work with photos you already have and even basic beginner tutorials.  It’s even great for you seasoned pros who know exactly what you want because this tool can deliver exactly the results you’re looking for!

2) You Can Create Just About Anything

Infographics, logos, business cards, ads, social media posts, you name it and most likely Canva can do it for you! It’s as simple as choosing what you want to create, and you take it from there. There are tons of templates you can choose from in addition to being able to just create magic all on your own. It’s simple to use and virtually foolproof. If you’re a student or have a career in marketing, social media, graphic design or the arts, this is a resource you just cannot go without. Consider it your new best friend.

3) It’s Free

Canva offers loads of free resources to complete just about any project you can think of. In the event that you have become a Canvo master- which you will- and you feel like you’re ready to get a little bit more from this product, you can always upgrade to Canva for Work for less than thirteen bucks a month!

So I think we covered everything here, but in case you missed something… You + Canva =  Magic

Happy creating!