5 Proven Methods to Collab + Connect Online

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Let's say you walk inside of someone's inbox, preaching for a collaboration. Let's say you walk into the room of a networking event. Either way, imagine that you've got high hopes, you feel that you're ready ....and completely ruin the whole thing. 

Yep, pretty harsh, huh? Well, when you DON'T do the things I have listed below, you are sure to send your potential business partner or solid connection with another creative running for the hills. These are 5 things that every single person you pitch and/or network with will want to see and will genuinely help you to make an AMAZING impression on them. 

1. Be genuine

You may be thinking in your head, "I'm genuine!" But are you REALLY? Are you genuine about the right things? 

Do you genuinely want to be an asset to this person's business or do you genuinely want the amount of traffic that they will send your way?

Do you genuinely want to make a solid connection with this person or do you genuinely just want to see how much money you can make by partnering with them?

Believe it or not, there IS a difference. Although there is no harm in wanting to grow in your business, there IS  a difference between wanting to collab + connect with someone to both serve them AND reap the benefits as opposed to just partnering with them for your gain.


If you don't have genuine intentions:

  1. It will definitely show and be completely obvious
  2. You'll risk losing the collab or genuine connection of a potential biz friend or partner


How to be genuine?

  1. Choose creatives that you already support or could see yourself being a long-time follower of there's
  2. Do your research on this person and make sure you both are the right fit
  3. Try to connect with them on a deeper level before a pitch
  4. Try to keep the convo light when at a networking event

2. Take the spotlight off of you

As entrepreneurs we get so spoiled with starting our own business and working for ourselves that we easily think everything is about us. It's not. 

If you want to collab + connect with another creative in your field, you have to "Be humble" and "Sit down" (as Kendrick Lamar says). Stop thinking about yourself and everything that you can personally gain from building a relationship with them and just simply think about what THEY need.

  • Can you offer any assistance?
  • Are you able to point them in the right direction?
  • What makes you so qualified to help them in these areas of their business?
  • How much of an impact can you make by offering your expertise? 
  • What kind of results are you guaranteed to give them?

Sure, what you're going through in your business may be difficult, but at the end of the day, if you are asking someone for something, (whether it be a collaboration opportunity or the chance to have them become a part of your network), you have to be prepared to put all YOUR issues in your business to the side and add VALUE to theirs. 

3. Give to get 

You have got to give to get in the online space. I can't stress this enough. You're not going to get by with just asking for this and asking for that. People are generous, but as a business, time is money. When they choose to collab or connect with you, they are offering you their time and sometimes even money to help YOU exceed. 

It's just rude to take and take, but never GIVE. Don't be that person.

For every favor that person does for you, think to yourself "How can I repay them?" Even if you don't have much to give, there is always SOMETHING that you can offer to thank them for their time and energy in helping you to move forward in your business. NEVER assume that you don't need to offer something in return.

4. Follow up

This is one of the biggest mistakes to make, EVER. Not only is it a mistake, but you end up leaving so many opportunities on the table when you don't follow up. 

You send a pitch and someone says no. You think that that's the end all, be all and choose to never "bother" them again.

The real tea is that: We're never bothering people as much as we think.

When you share that blog post on your Facebook page, email list, Twitter, and Instagram, you instantly start to feel like you're bothering your audience and assuming they've seen what you have to offer 5 times already. The same people who are on your email list are not always following you here and following you there. Not everyone following you is on your email list. Even if they are, it usually takes 3-7 points of contact with an offer to truly make the sale. 


If that person says no, there is no harm in following up around the same time next month with something along the lines of:

"Hi, ___! 

[Re-introduce yourself]

We touched bases around this same time last month on an offer that you weren't particularly interested in. If it's not too much trouble, I have a new offer that I'm sure you will love! 

[Proceed to go into detail on offer]"


If you're not doing this after a networking event, you're in big trouble:

Follow up after connecting with someone at a networking event!! 

Whether it be rounding up all the business cards you collected and shooting them all an email OR going back in your notes to see which people made the biggest connection with you and shooting them an email. 

Ask them out for coffee, ask them out to lunch, or just simply send a "It was awesome connecting with you!" kind of email. 

Either way, ALWAYS FOLLOW UP. 

5. Make time to be social 

You can skip over that "Be social on social" message creatives are always sending your way if you want to, but you'll be doing yourself a true disservice if you do.


If you're going to pitch a collab, connect with them all over social before you do so.

If you're going to connect with them at a networking event, ask to follow them on social so that you guys can stay in contact. Be sure to build a genuine relationship until you guys do end up going for coffee or lunch sometime in the future. 

 People are more inclined to WORK with you when they actually KNOW you. It's all about trust. When you begin to build that trust factor, it's much easier for someone to offer their time and energy as opposed to if you are asking to collab + connect as a total stranger. 

Dedicate at least 10-12 minutes every day connecting with someone on social before asking anything of them. 

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