5 Analytics That Matter More Than Page Views

Everyone talks about how many page views everyone has. We're all worried about that very specific number and watching it go up or down. We get nervous when it goes down and ecstatic when it goes up, BUT what if I told you that page views should be the least of your worries? 

These 5 analytics matter SO much more than measly page views. 

How long readers stay

It doesn't matter how many people are viewing your site if they're only staying for 30 seconds. Just think about how many blog posts you have. It would take someone longer than 30 seconds just to read a blog post or even scroll through at least two pages on your site, right? This lets you know that they are probably not even engaging in your content. That's the entire reason why we create content, right? 

When looking at your analytics, pay attention to the amount of time they actually view your site. If you're getting 12,000 page views a month but only 500 of those people are staying on your site for a realistic amount of time, your 12,000 page views are pointless. Not to mention that if the other 11,500 people aren't staying long, they probably aren't returning for another visit.

Remember: People need to actually need or want what you're offering for them to engage in. So, if you have a bunch of people COMING, but not a lot of people STAYING, it may be because you are attracting all the wrong people. Start to audit your content and ask yourself, "What is my purpose?" "Does the content on my site represent that purpose?" "Does it truly adhere to what my audience needs from me?" 

Most popular content

When creating content, sometimes your audience loves what you offer and sometimes they hate it. They definitely have a way of showing you this. Sure, seeing how long your audience stays on site is awesome, but you want to take the next step and see which pages they are staying on the longest and are getting the most traffic. 

Whatever your readers are loving the kind of content you'll want to continue to create. Just take a look at your content and see what is getting the most traffic. The things that are bursting with traffic, create even more in-depth content just like it. For the things that are falling to the wayside, you may want to consider repurposing them or eliminating them altogether. 

Where most traffic is coming from

Sure, should be registered with all of the most popular social media channels, but it also benefits you a ton to know which ones are converting your followers into readers. This helps you figure out which social media channels you need to post your most valuable information and spend the most time on. 

If your top referrer is Facebook, you may think about joining some valuable Facebook groups and being very present inside of them. If your top referrer is Instagram, you may think about promoting your content much heavier and/or posting much more often. And so on...

Most popular products and services

Be serious about your coins, girl. When running a business, you should know all of the ins and outs of your finances. This includes seeing which product and service pages are getting the most traffic is well as which ones are getting the most purchases. Page views mean nothing if those people aren't being converted into loyal readers or customers. 

Which metrics do you pay more attention to than page views?