5 Best Ways to Work With Brands

As a blogger, people are always talking about working with brands. They talk about how much fun it is, how much work it is, and most of all, how good it pays.

I've noticed in the blogosphere that a lot of people just assume that bloggers automatically know the different ways that they can work with brands. I hear so many bloggers say that they would love to reach out to brands, but they have no idea what services to offer. Here's 5 different ways you can work with brands as a blogger.

Brand ambassador

This has to be one of the highest paid ways to work with brands. The main reason for this being because it's constant. You're not writing one blog post and getting paid once. You're not collaborating once and then cutting all ties. As a brand ambassador, you become the face of that brand. You are now a reflection of them.

Being a brand ambassador is sort of like having a designer or an assistant on a retainer pay. A retainer means that instead of having the person get paid once a week or every two weeks like a normal job, the person would get paid in bulk once a month or once a year for constant work.

For example, if you are a hair blogger and become a brand ambassador for Shea Moisture, you would be paid in bulk to do things like:

  • Promotion of the product on social media
  • Discussing the product in blog posts
  • Referring people to Shea Moisture if you are asked about what kind of hair products to use
  • Doing product reviews

I suggest only becoming a brand ambassador for brands that you absolutely love and mesh well with the entire idea of your blog. If you don't really love the brand, you won't put the necessary effort into it.

Collaboration on events, webinars, workshops

**All of the options below are for collaborating, which means you would receive things like promotion or free products from the brand instead of compensation, BUT you can always offer these things as an actual service and receive compensation instead.

Events (In-person)

Having a blogging event? Having a meet up with your readers to show your appreciation? Putting together something special for your clients? You can collaborate with a brand to do things like:

  • Include their product in "swag bags" for your guests
  • Have them sponsor the event in exchange for mentioning them throughout the duration of the event and/or mentioning them on the flyer
  • Allowing someone from their team to speak at the event in exchange for promotion of the event

Webinars (Online)

For example, if you are a doing a webinar teaching bloggers how to create awesome graphics for their blog, you could collaborate with brands like Canva or PicMonkey to tell your audience how great their software is in exchange for promotion of your webinar or get a limited time free subscription to their premium package.


With workshops, you can pick and choose from your options that you have for events and webinars considering that workshops have the option of being either in-person or online.

Write a blog post for their site

Yes, we've all heard of bloggers getting paid to write blog posts on their own site for a brand, but one option that a lot of bloggers aren't aware of is that there are brands that will pay you to write blog posts for THEIR site.

There are some brands that look for one person to continuously uphold the blog section of their site and there are some that will buy blog posts from different bloggers.

An example of this is The Huffington Post, they are known for allowing bloggers to submit articles to their site to be reviewed and if they decide to post it, they will pay the blogger for using it.


Another way that you can work with brands is through referrals. Usually, the brand will give you a specialized code for you to give you readers and whenever they use the code at checkout, not only do they get a discount, but you also get paid (sometimes it's a set price and sometimes it's a percentage of the purchase) for referring that person to their site.

Sponsored social media posts

Most bloggers don't usually think about using their social media to earn money. They assume it's just a place to keep their audience updated.

When doing sponsored social media posts with brands, you most likely won't be getting paid to do 1-2 little measly posts. No, no. Brands usually pay for about 8-10 of those bad boys a month at LEAST.

Working with brands can be one of the best experiences of your blogging career. Professionally, it increases your credibility, exposure, and builds your reputation. Financially, it increases those commas in your bank account. Who doesn't love that?

What are some different ways you have worked with brands?