4 Things That Completely Dominated 2016 For Creative Entrepreneurs

As 2016 comes to a close, we can now take a step back and really reflect on the curves, trends, and strategies that have taken over the online space. This post will be sort of like a "2016 Recap" for the creative online space.

Below are four things that completely dominated this year. So, if you've mastered these four things, CONGRATULATIONS, you're ahead of the curve! If you feel that you still lack in these specific areas, you may want to immediately get started to ensure you don't get left behind! 

Content creation

Content creating, in general, has been around for a while. Creatives have been cranking out content for years now, but 2016 changed the content creating game. 

This year, creatives began to be more intentional with the content they ideated and created. 2016 was definitely the "baby boom" of the creative online space. Content creators were coming from everywhere in all kinds of different forms. I don't know if this lit a fire inside of the creatives who were already in the online space or if the new content creators brought us all something fresh and new, but whatever the case may be, it definitely boosted the content creation methods.

Now you have content creators not only planning ahead for the content, but planning months and months in advance. Also, content creation has become a much more diligent process. You don't see creators thinking of an idea and chiming the information into a blog post anymore. Now there's content upgrades to go along with the posts, there's a sales funnel that leads their audience through a sales path of their content, and so on. 

Also, the days of having blog posts be your only form of content are long gone. Now, there are so many different ways to get your information out of there! Creators are now spending a lot more time on:

  • E-courses
  • E-books
  • Workshops
  • Webinars
  • Masterclasses 
  • Workbooks
  • Physical products

Needless to say, the content creation of 2016 has definitely become more diverse, more intentional, and more vast! 


E-courses completely skyrocketed in 2016! Considering the year created a much more intentional aspect to the way entrepreneurs create content, creators began to group large amounts of information into actual curriculum-based lesson plans. 

This made things a lot easier on both the creative and the reader. For the creative, they had a new method of passive income and could serve their readers in a more organized way. For the readers, they could learn whatever they needed to learn at their own pace as well as take their curriculum wherever they went and have it at their fingertips.

In 2016, you saw creatives taking e-courses a lot more serious. For 2017, if you want to make passive income from e-courses, it takes so much more skill and STRATEGY to make it valuable, distribute it to your audience, and market it EFFECTIVELY. 


You may say that brainstorming isn't something that's really that important or worth mentioning, but it is truly the foundation of all content creating. Those days of thinking of an idea and running with it are long gone. You have to be so much more STRATEGIC with the content you create and publish out to your readers. "Strategic" and "intentional" are literally two of the most of influential words in the creative space right now. 

If you don't learn how to strategically brainstorm (especially when it comes to e-courses) and creating intentional content in 2017, you will DEFINITELY be left behind. It starts with the foundation and if your foundation is not solid, it will be impossible to stay ahead of the curve.

Business plans

You may have seen business plans all over social media, blogs, etc. They are definitely becoming the #1 must-have as a content creator! We're no longer just hosting blogs and that's it. The entrepreneurial space is expanding and everyone is turning their passion into full-time businesses. In order to do this, you need a PLAN. 

No matter how much information you consume and strategies you learn about your business, it benefits you ten times MORE to actually plan it out. This helps you prepare for maximum income, maximum traffic, increase in subscribers, manage your expenses, keep you on track with your overall vision, keep your business running, and more! 

What dominated your year of 2016?