3 Ways to Repurpose and Revamp Old Content

Ever get to the 10 blog posts or more mark and start going back to those old blog posts? Either they're not getting much traction, the content is no longer relevant, or you just flat out don't think it's your best work. Well, you have two options: You can either throw the entire blog post out OR you can repurpose/revamp the content you already have. 

Here's three ways to take your outdated content and revamp it into something worth reading!

1. Add more content 

You can use this method if you already love the content, but just want to revamp it to give your audience more value. Sometimes, a post is awesome just the way it is, but it just needs more value to really get your audience's attention. 

Let's say you have a blog post that contains three tips on how to do something. Maybe those three tips are already awesome, but you don't want to re-publish the same old blog post, right?

Chances are, you probably have tons more tips to add to that topic since the last time you wrote that post. Also, chances are that the content inside could use a little sprucing up to make sure everything is still relevant and accurate. 

Double check the entire post for relevance and accuracy, then add a couple of more tips to the mix for extra value! If you're really feeling the topic, you can even turn it into a two-part blog series giving 5-10 extra tips! 

2. Add a content upgrade 

Adding extra tips and/or content is awesome, but let's say you don't really have anything that needs to be added to the content. The strategies are still relevant, the tips are still useful, but you want to revamp the post so that even the people who have read it before feel like they need to revisit. 

Add a content upgrade! A content upgrade is something you add to your post as a bonus to the value your content already possesses. This can be a free worksheet, checklist, small e-book, or even a guide. You get the person's email in exchange for the resource and your reader walks away with an actual product to remember you by. Not to mention, your blog post is no longer collecting dust. It's now gaining new traction! 

3. Repurpose the topic 

Maybe you look at the blog post and say, "Hmmm. I like where this is going, but I don't think this is the exact angle I want this information to be perceived from." Repurpose the topic! You can either take a topic that is really broad and narrow it done a bit OR you can take a really narrow topic and broaden its horizons. 

An example of a repurposed topic would be if I had a blog post discussing how to market yourself. Let's say I want the post to focus more on content. I could repurpose the topic from marketing yourself, to marketing your content. Immediately I have a post with a new direction, fits into my overall brand, and a new blog post to re-publish! 

If you're going to try to re-publish old content, make sure you give your audience something EXTRA to indulge in. So,take a look at those dusty blog posts and see which ones need to be thrown in the trash and which ones are worth saving! 

How do you repurpose or revamp old content?