3 Ways to Boost Your Brand Using Collaborations

Have you ever seen someone's profile on social media or find their blog and just fall in love with their energy? Or maybe you find their brand extremely inspiring? You start to dig a little bit into their website and content and you realize that... "Hey, my audience would absolutely find this person valuable!"

Next thing you know, you've grabbed your pen and pad, your mind starts racing with collaborative ideas and your hands start sweating because you know eventually - when you're done solidifying your offer - you'll have to actually pitch it. Right?

Well, if pitching has got your hands sweating and full of doubt, you might want to take a look at The Confident Pitch e-book. If you're still wondering WHY and in WHAT WAY you can collaborate in the first place, you need to keep on reading!

So, before we start chatting it up with the 3 ways to boost your brand with collaborations, why don't we just spill the tea here and give you the top three benefits of collaborating with creatives in your field, eh?

3 benefits of collaborating: 

  1. To boost your brand
  2. To boost your traffic
  3. To boost your income

In this blog post, we'll discuss the very first benefit of collaborating: Boosting your brand!

What's a brand? 

A brand is the story and/or message that you convey to your audience. It's how you want to be perceived by your audience, peers, and other businesses. Think of a brand as a legacy. What do you want people to know you by, think of you when you're gone, what mark do you want to leave with people?

Often times, you'll hear people use things like:

  • Brand message 
  • Brand voice 
  • Brand design 

All of this helps you to tell a story in your business. No, not just any old story - YOUR story. It helps your audience to get familiar with you and the humanization behind the business. 

3 ways to boost your brand with collaborations


This is when you and another creative would collaborate to have one (or both) of you write on each other's blogs. Bloggers are often looking for fresh, new content outside of their own thoughts to post on their sites and this is a great opportunity for you to tell your story. 

There's two specific reasons why this boosts your brand:

  • Boosting your brand is also about association. You know the saying, "You can tell a lot about a person by the company they keep?" Well, the same goes here! Whether you're posting on their site or they're posting on yours, being associated with another powerhouse creative that your audience would love really sets the bar high for your very own brand! 
  • It screams "I have a ton of value to give!" when you guest post for other people. Often times, bloggers are seen as having this very meticulous editorial calendar where all of their content is already accounted for. When you guest post for another creative, it shows that you're not stingy with your knowledge. You're fruitful and willing to be of service to this other person's audience - not just your own. 



Have you ever thought about why celebrities are always busy going to dinners, parties, and other networking events, it's because it builds their brand! It shows them in a much more social, humanistic light to others. Also, when a person sees how well you can get along with others, it makes you much more relatable and approachable. Your readers want someone who is easy to connect with and easy to talk to. 

Collaborating with another creative on a twitter chat, facebook discussion, or other networking opportunities for your audience not only makes you appear open and friendly (which is what people are drawn to when attempting to connect with brands), but it also shows you as a team player in the online community!

Here's a few quick tips when collaborating on these: 

  • Have the chat questions or initial discussion question prepared beforehand.

This way, you can start brainstorming some pre-determined questions or statements and prepare for them accordingly to make everything run smoothly. 

  • For Facebook, create an event in you guys' Facebook group or page and co-host it together.

Not only does this allow people to RSVP to give you an idea of who's all coming, but it also takes the "reminding people" aspect off of your shoulders. 

  • Make sure you both are promoting equally.

The more the merrier when it comes to collaborating on chats and discussions! If both of you put in the necessary effort, you're more likely to have an awesome turn out! 



Have you ever thought about trading services or products with another creative? Sounds fun, right? You guys could try out each other's products or services in exchange for reviews from each other. Not only does this build your brand by elevating your level of perspective expertise to your audience, but it also adds credibility to your brand when another powerhouse creative can vouch for your content and its value. 

Considering you guys have to actually try your products and services to give the review, this establishes trust between the two of you and not only can they vouch for you on paper, but they can also vouch for you in every day conversation. (Hello free advertising! aka "word of mouth" advertising)

Here's a few ways you can utilize this kind of collaboration: 

  • Try out each other's ebook or course in exchange for a review 
  • Offer 1 session of your services (or an entire package) in exchange for a testimonial 
  • Offer a "do-it-for-you" service in exchange for a testimonial

Can't figure out what exactly to say in your collaboration or networking pitch?